About Us

“ProLine one of the oldest distributors of cleaning and restoration supplies since 1976.”

The company was founded by Steven P. Kaufman in October 1976. With the help of his wife Vickie, and the pressures of a new son and mortgage, they turned a spare bedroom into an office, bought a used portable carpet cleaning machine and were in business.

Mr. Kaufman decided to make these technologies available to professional carpet cleaners. He believed there would be a profit in doing so. However, manufacturers and other experts in the field had never been able to develop their marketing by using distributors; but rather had been marketing directly to the end user. This method has its obvious drawbacks but is still widely used today.

Mr. Kaufman believed he could further develop distribution of selected manufactured products through the proper orchestration of sale and service centers and that these centers would boost professionalism within the industry. After several years of plowing new ground, developing new relationships and proving to both suppliers and users there was a need for this service, Pro Line established a new position in the industry and created demand by both manufacturers and users.

Within three years, Mr. Kaufman sold the carpet cleaning business and dedicated himself to the task of supplying, servicing and training the professional carpet cleaner

In 1992 Noel Saenz came to work at Pro Line as an apprentice mechanic. It didn’t take long for Mr. Saenz’s talents became obvious and he rapidly moved up the company ladder. After just a few short years he became part owner of the company. 

In 2014 The Kaufman’s decided to enjoy retirement and Proline continuous to serve our industry with the same values and customer service since 1976.

Today Pro Line is one of the most prestigious distributors of carpet cleaning equipment and with always in mind with a high customer service to its value customers.