2006 Chevy with Hydramaster CDS 4.8 Package

SKU 2006chevy/cds4.8

Fully refurbished package, great running condition van and equipment, we made sure all details for van and equipment were taking care of, such new upholstery, new rollers for the sliding door, the cabin ceiling is brand new, all equipment fittings, gauges and many other things were replaced. Feel confident that you are getting a top shape package. We have invested over $23k alone just in new parts and accessories for this package.

Package Details:

2006 Chevy 2500, 4.8L engine, 70,000 miles, glass sliding door, new paint, new tires, new transmission, fully serviced, sprayed linex walls ceiling and floor. new front seat upholstery, new cabin ceiling liner.

CDS 4.8, salsa, brand new 4.8 blower, new clutch, rebuild water pump, fully refurbished and serviced.

Brand New Accessories:

  • Electric Vacuum Reel($1500)
  • 200 ft of vacuum and solution hoses ($800)
  • 75 gal fresh water tank with Holding brackets and water pump ($1400)
  • 3 tiers shelf ($374)
  • back door spray bottle holder ($55)
  • back door foam block and plastic square holder($70)


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