Used 2004 Chevy with Boxxer XL Package

SKU Used Chevy 2004/Boxxer XL


2004 Chevy 2500, Brand new 4.8L Rebuilt engine, 163k miles, new tires, fully serviced, new upholstery and head liner, new breaks. sprayed linex floor, walls and ceiling.


3 tier shelf, vacuum reel, solution reel, garden reel, 200 ft of vacuum and solution hoses, wand, garden hose, hydroforce holder and sprayer.


Hydramaster Boxxer XL with 2200 hrs, fully serviced, 31Hp engine,  unit sold with 90 days proline parts and labor warranty.


31HP + 400+CFM + 1200PSI + 245° F +2 Wands =

The numbers add up to your next truckmount!

Perfectly Powered 31 HP Air Cooled Engine: Industrial engine delivers maximum power in an incredibly fuel efficient fashion.

Quietest in its Class: Innovative Air Flow – Routing and controlling concepts make it 20% quieter than a comparable truckmount.

Extreme Vacuum and Water Extraction Recovery – 400+ CFM for faster drying, faster extraction! Direct coupler driven for maximum power transfer.

Uncompromising Cleaning Solution Temperature – 245° F Temperature rating with 185 F at 1.25 GMP continuous flow.

Completely Dual Wand Capable – plumbed and prepared for you to double your productivity when you need to!

Patented Heat Control System, ADC Control Diverter Manages heat for more consistent temperature delivery, virtually eliminates dumping trash water during cleaning delays and water extraction.

Simpler Maintenance – “Arms Length” design and removable magnetic panels allow for easy access to crucial components and serviceable parts.

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