Degrease All

SKU UN-161252000


A specially-formulated ammoniated degreasing solvent tough enough to remove heavy smoke residues, but gentle enough to be used as a traffic lane cleaner or upholstery pre-spray. Degrease-All® removes smoke residues, grease, and other difficult soils from painted surfaces, metal, concrete, tile, sealed or unsealed wood, hard floors and wet cleanable fabrics. Degrease- All® is nonflammable, noncorrosive and has no intoxicating fumes. Degrease-All® is the industry's most effective traffic lane cleaner and wetside upholstery pre-spray.

Mixing: Dilute Degrease-All® with 3-9 parts hot tap water and place in sprayer.

Application: Lightly spray smoke damaged surfaces, agitate with sponge, rinse off if necessary, towel dry. For best results, immediately wipe off liquefied soil before Degrease- All® dries.

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