Urine Lock - Bio Enzyme Odor Encapsulation

SKU MB-254306

UrineLock is a specially formulated pet odor and stain solution that combines the effectiveness of odor encapsulation with the long-lasting stain and odor fighting capabilities of bio-enzymes. Odor encapsulation provides immediate odor relief. Biotechnology for stain and long lasting odor removal.

A unique concentration of 4:1 allows use in an in-line pressure sprayer to force solution to carpet backing and pad.

Removes urine, feces, vomit, and other protein stains and odors.  

Ready to use pH is 8.0.


Mix 1 part UrineLock with 4 parts water (26 oz. per gallon). Locate urine contaminated areas with a black light or moisture detector. Spray areas until saturated. Allow 10 - 20 minutes dwell time. Clean thoroughly. Do not add bleach, antimicrobials, or harsh chemicals as these will diminish the performance of the product. 

For best results use undiluted in an in-line pressure sprayer (remove yellow tip for 4:1 dilution) and agitate. Rinse/extract with any Rinse.

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