OJ Orange Jel

SKU HM-600-A

OJ Orange Jel™

Jelled Solvent Gum Remover

O.J. (Orange-Jel) uses all natural citrus solvents to dissolve gum without the use of harsh or toxic dry solvents.

  • Turns to a gel on contact
  • Stays on carpet surface to eliminate delamination
  • Specially formulated to effectively remove gum
  • Pleasant orange fragrance
  • Rinses out easily with normal hot water extraction
  • Effective without the use of harsh or toxic solvents
  • Available Sizes: quart


  1. Always pretest for color fastness.
  2. Shake well before using.
  3. Gum Removal: Puncture surface of gum to allow penetration.
  4. Apply Orange-Jel full strength to the area, working the product into and under the affected areas. Allow time to penetrate.
  5. Rinse and clean the areas thoroughly, using the extraction method of cleaning, if available. Repeat if necessary.

Material Safety Data Sheet

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